Alternative Resources for Flipping Your Lessons

As I have learned more about the Flipped Classroom and as I have searched for smart, innovative ways to practice these methods, I've been a little disappointed. I do like the idea that flipped lessons enable teachers to better differentiate their instruction and hone focus on mastering skills, but it seems those who are leading this movement are focusing mostly on science and math to the neglect of the humanities and language arts in particular. Khan Academy and at The Flipped Class Network, for example, have countless math and science videos but very few that are useful to us in the humanities. Given this lack of resources for language and lit, I came up with some alternative sources you might consider if you want to try flipping your middle or high school language arts lessons. Some easily overlooked places you might find these useful videos (often referred to as "vodcasts" or "webcasts) include free online course materials, collections of author webcasts, or presentation lectures like TED talks. The key is to find short, highly-engaging content to deliver online, outside the classroom, so students will arrive in class prepared to master the content with your guidance. I've linked some good stuff below.
Author Webcasts and Reading Arizona State University Literary Readings Author Webcasts

Library of Congress Webcasts

Free Online Course Lectures 500 Free Online Courses
Open Culture

MIT Shakespeare
MIT Understanding Television
Critical Analysis of Literature Arizona State University
Lectures / Presentations TED Talks (Specifically Language Arts Related)