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What’s On My Kindle This Summer

One of the things that I love most about summer is that I finally have a chance to read for pleasure.  After nine months of grading freshmen essays and reading the required dry textbooks for my graduate program, I’m ready to do some reading for enjoyment…And since this is a tech blog, I must also mention I was given a Kindle this last Christmas and I love it.  It changes how (and how often) you read.  I grew up devouring paperback mysteries and thrillers, so I am sad about the decline of the printed book, but I also think Kindles and e-readers make reading more fun and relaxing.  You quickly forget you’re even holding anything.  So, if you’ve been thinking about buying one, do it!  It’s the coolest gadget since…what?  the microwave?  The best part is that with the 3G version you can buy a book, magazine, or newspaper anytime, … Continue reading

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